3D Warehouse not working

For some reason, my 3D Warehouse has stopped working?
When I open, It is “dead”, I can not search or even select categories.
I’ve tried rebooting the computer, and have opened up other models and the same problem.
Any ideas?

This is in SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile? The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SketchUp 2018 or earlier and hasn’t for about 6 months or so. If you want to get components from the 3D Warehouse to use in SU2017 Make, you can download the Collada version of them in your internet browser and import the included .dae file into SketchUp.

See: "Current Minus Two" Version Policy | SketchUp Help

I found what I wanted and imported with Collada, but the import failed?

What do you mean the import failed? What was it you got from the 3DWH?