3D Warehouse not loading on SketchUp Make 2017




Our School is currently using SketchUp Make 2017 and we are experiencing a problem with the 3D Warehouse as when the button is clicked we are getting the error:

“The 3D Warehouse requires an internet connection, Please connect and try again”

We are using a proxy server and we have already whitelisted *.sketchup.com and opened up the ports on the firewall as suggested on one of the articles in help center. However, we still experience the issue.

What we found out is that by doing packet captures, we were able to see which subnets it fails to connect when the 3D warehouse button is pressed and so far we have released the following: /24

However, we are not sure if we have covered all the subnets required to release the 3D Warehouse function as sometimes we still experience the problem.

Can someone help confirm all the subnets that we need to release from the proxy server so that we can flawlessly make the 3D warehouse feature available?

Thanks and Best Regards,