3d warehouse missing results

I downloaded Sketchup 2016 along with the “Learning Sketchup Pro 2015” course. The instructor searched the following: 32" refridgerator and found a 32-inch wide refridgerator in components. When I open 3d warehouse and search the same thing, it only brings up 2 results which aren’t useful. Is there a problem with using 2016 or with the 3d warehouse?

Could it be that the instructor spelled it ‘refrigerator’ and left out the d but you spelled incorrectly as you did in your post?

When I search for ‘32" refrigerator’ I get 162 hits. If I just search for ‘refrigerator’ I get 3,791 hits.

No, that’s why I included the spelling. I figured out that the quotation for inches made results not show up in the new 3d warehouse.