3D Warehouse login problems

Hey Alex, I created a personal warehouse for myself in Sketchup 8 and Skethcup 14 and 15 doesn’t recognize it? Please tell me That all those hours aren’t thrown away. AAugh!

I created them back in 2012 and have been forced to use Sketchup 8 instead. I’d like to purchase the Pro version but need to make sure this is resolved first. Thanks.

I can now import the components in my personal library I created in 2012 into Sketchup 2015 but it doesn’t appear that I can create a component any more without buying the pro edition. is this correct?
Thanks, Kent

Not likely. In the user guide, Pro Only features have a prominent logo displayed.

This “Pro Only” logo does not appear on the following page explaining how to make components:
You must have entities selected before the “Make Component” menu item can be chosen (ie, it will be grayed out until you select some entities.)

But this logo does appear on the following page about creating Dynamic Components. (The wizard dialog is only present in the Pro edition.)

Bookmark the User Guide:

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Hi @Kent11, I don’t understand the problem. You have private SU8 models up on 3D Warehouse? You should be able to import those with SU14 and SU15.

Late to the party, isaac. (This is not a problem.) He said he overcame that issue …

… the other issue I believe was he did not understand that …

Hey guys, I just needed to realize 2015 imports from my personal files differently. It’s a little more cumbersome but I’m good. I have my own personal file of components on my computer that I use personally and that’s what I was worried about. It was me!

I have had an issue printing 2D images on my main computer though. I can only convert to 2D in wire frame. I can convert just fine on my laptop so I email my 3D Sketchup to myself and download it onto my laptop then convert it and print or email a 2D image from there. I can’t even email a 2D image from my main computer in anything but wire frame. Wire frame is not turned on in the style folder. It’s set to “shaded with texture” as always.


Kent Wallace

Sorry about the double response but my 2008 sketchup exp0orts in 2D just fine from my main computer.