3d warehouse items

I’m new to this forum. I use Sketch Up for fun, as a hobby. I like interior designing and have been using it for years.

My question is: for a few months, now, I have been unable to download most of the desired 3d warehouse items. I would like to know why,

Thanks, in advance.

In the 3D Warehouse section of the forum you will find a lot of posts about this topic:

Thanks a lot. Yes, I am using SketchUp Make 2017. That explains it.

Oh, and if I may, a last question: is there any way I can deactivate the autosave function? I can no longer work coherently, once a file gets a certain size. It keeps autosaving continuously and it takes enormous amounts of time until I can work again, for a lot shorter period. It is annoying as hell.

Thank you.

sâm., 6 nov. 2021, 12:30 Mihai Stancu via SketchUp Forum <sketchup@discoursemail.com> a scris:

You can disabled Autosave in Preferences. Be aware of the risk of turning it off, though.

Might not hurt to purge unused stuff from your models. Unused components and materials will bloat your files.

Thank you. You have spared me a lot of grief. :grin:

sâm., 6 nov. 2021, 16:57 Dave via SketchUp Forum <sketchup@discoursemail.com> a scris: