3D Warehouse Hardwood Does Not Show Up Properly

Attached you see a 3D Warehouse sample of hardwood flooring. There is a screenshot of the Artist’s name & also what happened when I tried applying it to the floor of my model.

Also attached is my model as a SKP file.

The flooring in the model does not look like the hardwood in 3D Warehouse. Are some of my settings wrong?

Peter Enns
Author's name
As shown in 3D Warehouse
Actual floor in model
Room with baseboard, view out window, etc.skp (3.6 MB)

the 3d warehouse material section is not great.

Say you look for table, it’ll give you table material, but also photos of tables, it’ll give you wood, metal, plastic, whatever image contains the word table in its title.
Here, it gives you a wood floor material, but still not great.

the magic word is SEAMLESS
a seamless material, or photo, has been modified so that it’ll repeat without a seam.

So if you’re using the 3d warehouse to find materials (or even google in fact), try adding seamless to your description, or keep an eye out for such materials.

Also, since you’re using sketchup pro, you could try Architexture, a free extension that allows you to create seamless materials
In the extension warehouse, it’s in the homepage.

Hello, I used the terms “hardwood floor seamless” and, as you can see from the screenshot, it turned out much better.

Thank you very much for this.

Peter Enns