3D Warehouse Authenticator removes access from SU2017 Make?

Been using the SU2017 Make version for years.
Been using the 3D Warehouse to share my personal projects for years.
3d Warehouse now asked for authentication code.

Has 3D warehouse access now been removed from the SU2017 Make version?

Is there a step by step process in sorting out signing in with authenticatior on iPhone?

Which free version? Please complete your profile with that info.

SU2017 Make.
Profile Completed.
To clarify - the query is regarding 3D Warehouse.
I can’t seem to get past the authenticator.
Whether via Sketchup 2017 Make or via web.

The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported SketchUp 2017 Make for a long time. In fact it only supports the current and two previous SketchUp version. See the Current Minus Two policy.

It is at least a year since the Warehouse stopped supplying models in the SketchUp 2017 format. You can go there with your Internet browser and download the models in Collada (.DAE) format and import that into SketchUp 2017.
I think downloading from the Warehouse currently requires that you log in with your Trimble ID. Creating a Trimble ID is free.

When you get asked for the authentication code, touch in that field, and see if iOS offers you a value to choose. It will be lower down on the iPhone, and say something about trimble.com. Choose that.

Same thing on Mac, click in the field and see if there is a one entry menu to choose from.