3D View Not Working in Warehouse

Between mid and late March, models in the Warehouse stopped loading in the 3D viewer. To date, when I clik the button to view a model in 3D, nothing happens. Just the Trimble logo, pulsating. The model never loads. There’s no error code or message, no script warnings. I don’t even get the banner that warns the process is taking longer than expected, asking if I want to wait. The logo will just sit there, pulsating, as long as I leave it.

I thought the problem was due to a Firefox update and figured I would just wait it out. But Firefox has been updated again today. It was version 74.0 and is now version 74.0.1.

The viewer works in that Microsoft Edge…so I figured the problem was not associated with a Windows update that happened around the same time as the vs 74.0 update back in March.

Anyone have any ideas as to why models won’t load [for me] in the Warehouse 3D viewer in Firefox?

It works fine for me in Chrome.

Looks like this model needs some help but the 3D viewer seems to work fine.

I did say the 3D view works in Edge, but I use neither that browser nor Chrome. I’m not particularly fond of Chrome, and have had problems with it lugging my system down in the past.

Last I read, Firefox is still one of the supported browsers, so I was hoping that someone might have some ideas as to why I am having this issue.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried in an attempt to regain the ability to view models in the 3D viewer in the 3DWH in Firefox, along with more info… perhaps someone will spot something that might be helpful –

Disabled ad blockers, tracking cookie blockers and removed custom security and privacy settings in Firefox (which blocked all third party cookies) - this had no affect on getting models to load in the 3D viewer in the 3DWH. I turned off hardware acceleration, that had no bearing.

I restarted Firefox with all add-ons disabled (safemode), but in that state, the option to view a model in the 3D viewer is not even available. Restarted Firefox and manually disabled all extensions and plug-ins despite the fact that I had those extensions and plug-ins before this issue cropped up, restarted the browser and tried again - no luck.

I’m assuming that WebGL is still what enables us to see models in the 3D viewer in the 3DWH, so I went to https://get.webgl.org/, and according to that site, my browser supports WebGL. I also went to https://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/Demo_Repository - all the WebGL demos worked.

I don’t know if Java and Flash Player play any part in that 3D viewer, but those and the graphics software are all up-to-date. Firefox released yet another update today, to version 75.0 – I allowed the update. It did not remedy the issue. Is Firefox still one of the three supported browsers?

Around 18 March, there was an “Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4541301).” Despite not having issues with the 3D viewer in Microsoft’s “Edge” browser (neither my default nor preferred browser), but because I had no issue in Firefox before this update, I was going to uninstall that update, but Windows 10 does not allow the option to do so for that particular update. I had not realized it when I started this thread, but Adobe Acrobat Reader DC updated on 19 March. I have no idea if that could have affected anything but I was going to uninstall it just for the heck of it, but as with KB4541301, I did not have the option. So…no help with either of those.

Except for the above mentioned updates, nothing on my computer has changed - prior to this issue there had been no new programs installed, no changes to my browser settings, no new plug-ins or extensions added.

I do not know what else to check or do.

Focus on webgl. I just updated to 75 on Mac, and it’s still ok. Type about:config on the url field, and search for webgl.disabled. If it’s false, then look at other webgl settings. If true, set to false.

I see the same problem here with Firefox 75 on MacOS Sierra, and webgl.disalbed = false

Chrome isn’t showing this issue.

Sierra? High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina… I have a drive with Sierra but can’t take the time to boot now. Can anyone else on Sierra / 75 look. Please search for only webgl and show the other webgl settings and post here, please.

I just tried on the machine I’m supposed to be moving to which has High Sierra. At first it worked fine, but when I checked, it was still on Firefox 72. After telling it to update Firefox (now 75), then the problem appeared. Seems from that that something broke with Firefox between version 72 and 75.

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Thanks, that helps. Team repro’d and are working on a change to handle it.


Thank you, @RTCool. I’m not sure what version of FF I was running before I updated to 74.0, but it sounds like you pretty much pegged the “version time frame” during which the issue arose.

@Barry … I went to load a few models in the 3D viewer just a few minutes ago. I tried a 1MB, 6MB and 35MB model. Whatever you all did… it appears the problem is fixed. Thanks!

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