3D text not showing on printed object

I printed a plastic clip for a friend and wanted to include her name on the final product. I used the 3D text tool and it seems to be attached to the object in Sketchup.

When I export the stl file in to the slicer program I can see the text where I placed it on the object. But when I slice it and then print it, there’s no evidence of the text.

Is it me, Sketchup, or my 3D printer? Pretty sure it’s me.
Mary’s jelly roll v3.skp (537.7 KB)

The problem is you need to explode the text component so it joins with the rest of the geometry. Or you could make the rest of the geometry a separate solid component or group. That would be simplest and I think get you a printable model.

Mary’s jelly roll v3.skp (543.2 KB)