3D Printing: Show Groups in context while editing them

I like the Grouping feature where I can build a thing that moves, duplicates, and acts as one unit.

But I would like to be able to see the Group I am editing in context to where it is. Now, when you edit, you see only the Grouped part on a white background.

If I click on a Group and then choose to edit it, I would like to see the adjacent model so that I can make things in the Group fit and be exactly positioned.

Basically, show the non-Group lines and surfaces, but all editing is to the Group itself and never to anything outside the group.

This would be especially important for 3D printing in color where a single printed part can have multiple printed colors, but each color needs to be an enclosed space. So I need to build surfaces in the group to close it and some of those surfaces are in the same identical position as the closing walls for different groups.

Essentially, each printed component needs to be its own enclosed space, and have its own walls that may be identically sized and positioned as other walls outside the group.

To get everything lined up I need to see where the group fits into the bigger picture. So I need to see everything that is not in the group.

A toggle to enable and disable the “Group in Context” would be nice.

It sounds like you have this option selected:

View->Component Edit->Hide Rest of Model

You can turn visibility of the rest of your model on or off at any time while editing a group/component. I usually do this with keyboard shortcuts.

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Wow! Feature request fulfilled within five minutes. Maybe a record. :smiley:

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I don’t believe your suggestion works.

I already have separated each color into its own layer.

The problem–which I think your proposal doesn’t address–is that if there are two adjacent volumes that (typically) share a common wall, there is no way to export each of the volumes using that wall. The wall must belong to one or the other, but cannot belong to both.

This means that the volume that doesn’t claim that adjacent wall will not be watertight and thus will not print.

My model has many hundreds of volumes. I have been careful to put each onto the proper color layer. But that doesn’t help.

Is there any extension or other solution so that immediately adjacent volumes that she a common wall can be selerately exported as watertight volumes?

You seem to have replied in the wrong thread. Your reply makes no sense in this one.

Model Info > Components > Fade Rest of model slider

… and uncheck Hide to the right of the slider.

As McGordon said …

… is a nifty menu command for toggling this checkbox control.
It was added to the menu so a user can assign a keychord shortcut.


Once you know what setting you like, you can adjust this in your template file so it’s set this way for each model you start.

I think this is perfect.

While we’re on the subject, you might also find the HideMoreLess plugin to be very useful, created by @JDTS

See post #8 here to download it.

When I want to see some references and not others, I use components. For example, working on a stairway: I don’t want the walls showing, they get in the way, but I need to work on the stair components and see them in relation to other parts.

I move a copy of the component of all the stairs outside of the house. then I turn off “hide rest of model”. I can work on the railing and still see the treads, but have some “space” to work around the stairs. This solves most needs I have for “hide more or less”.