3d printing repair and optimization plugin

Hi to all 3d printing enthusiasts,

I’m Adrian Muresan founder of Printivate, a 3d model repair and optimization platform that targets 3d printing.

We’ve recently hit a milestone and made all of our functionality available directly in SketchUp through our Printivate ART3SAN plugin. The plugin is not yet publicly available on the Extension Warehouse, but we do provide access to our beta users. You can sign up for the free beta program and our SketchUp plugin either on our site https://www.printivate.com or by sending me an email at adrian [at] printivate [dot] com.

So far our key features are:

  • solidify - a repair feature that outputs a watertight model under all circumstances. Solidify modifies the model geometry in order to eliminate self-intersections, internal geometry, thicken zero-thickness walls, eliminates non-manifoldness and more.
  • model simplification reduces the complexity of your design while keeping the quality of the simplified design as close to the original as possible
  • printability check - identifies potential problems that could arise when 3d printing your designs. Checks include wall thickness analysis, watertightness, non-manifoldness, model self-intersections, identifying zero thickness walls, incorrect facet normals, degenerate facets and more.
  • hollowing - creates an inner shell of configurable depth from your design.

Thanks and happy designing.