3D printing circles


You definitely asked a question, you just left out the question mark.

I will attempt to answer it. Because circles in sketchup are not true circles but are actually polygons, the flat sides will measure smaller than the precise radius, which is found when measuring at the apex points of the polygon. Sketchup is not doing anything to your model you aren’t telling it to do. If you measure your circles from the center to a point on the radius, it will be “dead on,” guaranteed.


Yeah i noticed Since I use it to make Parts with and as i use it to make what to the housing people SMALL PARTS I notice the small flats and see them in Slic3r and even down to the tiny flats I allow with 90 as the number of small flats per 360 Degree round spots . . Have even gone to 120 as number of flats . . Still get them at 3 degrees per on a round item