3D Print Stays Solid, Not Hollow

Hello! I have a student who is trying to 3D print a cupholder for a TV tray he made. He designed the cupholder in SketchUp and it looks great. But then, when we go to print it on our Monoprice Voxel 3D printer, it prints as a solid cylinder instead of hollow. Does anybody know how I can help him?

We need to see the model.
Is he using a ,dae , .obj or .stl?

He used .stl
I will try to get him to share the file with me so I can upload it.

Check the face orientation, all outside faces should be white when viewed in Monochrome.

CupHolders.skp (181.2 KB) CupHolders.stl (92.4 KB)

the outside of they cylinder is gray - how do we change it to white?
also, the bottom of the cylinder is gray.

ok, so i figured out how to explode and then change the outside to white by clicking orient faces.
is it ok if the inside is gray?

No, the object has no thickness.
The cylinder needs to have two wall, then the lip.

A picture of what Box described. The student’s cup holder is on the left.

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Thanks Dave, I don’t have time just now for a gif.

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Oh, I see! Thank you so much! We can work on this!
So then, we also need to make sure the inside is white??

All exposed faces need to be white. My section cut shows the interior of the hollow structure which SketchUp creates. Think of it this way, the printer media goes to the blue-gray side of the faces and air to the white front face side.

FWIW, I drew a half cross section of the holder and use a circle positioned under the center for a Follow Me path.

And you don’t explode things to edit them, double click to open for edit and click outside the group to close it.

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I have so much to learn…
Does this look any better?

CupHolders (1).skp (290.7 KB)

Not quite. There are internal faces up by the rim and no thickness in the bottom.

I tried to put this file into flashprint and it said an error had occurred and asked if I wanted to repair it, so I’m guessing something is still not right.

You’ve also drawn circle off axis, so the segments don’t line up.

ok, so I’m thinking that starting over might be the best bet. could you give me a suggestion on how to start this project so it turns out? or is that too much to ask??

I’m trying to make sense of this right now. :slight_smile:

Do you know how to use the Follow Me tool?

go back up and look at the image I posted showing the half cross section and the circle.