3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!


I read that at the time, but created in SketchUp from scratch means that you didn’t use any other tool to start making the model. As you say, it wasn’t fully clear about what point in history that ‘from scratch’ started.


One funny thought though, if you get an entry that you know for sure could not be modeled during the competition time, there are two possible outcomes. You either disqualify them, or you ask them. If they say, “yes, of course, I did all that in a day”, then you hire them!


For me this contest is not the one to present a model to a convention … or to win t shirt, but to show our skills to the member of this forum and especially to the Sketchup team


Whether the model is finished or not is not “grave”, as long as others have seen what you can do in a short time.


Back in the days there used to be modeling challenges in the warehouse. Then no geometry whatsoever created prior to the contest was allowed, including but not limited to furniture and vegetation. In a way it made a lot of sense as there is no hard line between entourage and main content.


Thanks for the input, everyone! To be honest, we were not really sure how many people would be into this. The response has been great!

The main aspect we are looking for is your beach house. THAT is the part that we don’t want imported from the warehouse or pulled in from another software package. the other items “set dressing” we are not terribly worried about. When it comes to judging, it will be the house… Not the trees or people on the beach or boats in the water, that we will be looking at.

Having said that, we DID leave a little too much gray area in the rules. We will tighten that up for next time!




Hello, I’m just reloading my file, because it was zoomed in on one corner, but for future reference, is there a way to change the preview view of an uploaded file without orienting it differently, saving it and reloading it? Thanks.


Missed the “theme” part of the contest requirement, and just entered the most popular models I have on 3DW. Oh, well… No harm done, I suppose. I’ll see if I can cook up something more in line with the criteria, before the deadline…


In short, no.
The method you described is how it works, the last saved view is used to show how your model is displayed. This also applies to how components are shown in the component tray


Remember! Submissions will be accepted until 5:00 PM MST today! That means you have 8 hours left to enter!!


Finally finished but uploading failed 2 times already, should i be seeing a progress bar or something?

Edit: Well, 6th fail i got :\ i’m checking task manager and i can see ‘sending’ Mbs constantly, not sure what’s wrong…


What’s the size of the model you have there? I think the warehouse limit is 50mb from what I see in this thread.


Allright 8th attempt and succeeded :sweat_smile:
It’s 44 Mb, it doesn’t even let you upload above 50 Mb. I purged before upload, so not sure what might be causing it.


Pretty close :grinning: , glad you got it done anyway, good luck.


Thanks to everyone who submitted! We’ll be convening this week to decide on a final five, and then we’ll post a survey to help us vote for the winner. Stay tuned!


Help us vote for a winner: #WinterBlues Finalists: Vote Now!


Voting is officially closed. Stay tuned for a winner announcement on FB Live and a post here shortly!



Actually, what was quite strange about that, was I didn’t find my model in the entries collection. I am kind of disappointed about that, but it was just a test run of the whole thing, nonetheless. Was I supposed to submit the link to my model somewhere?