3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!



Why do you think would it not be allowed?

t h i n k


It’s a good job you mentioned that as I was planning on getting around to this in May/June. Guess I know what I will be doing this weekend.

What time is the deadline next Friday? And can I post when it’s technically Saturday here but still Friday in Boulder :wink: ?


I must admit I’ve become quite confused by all this, is it a Modelling competition or a compositing one?


Ha, as long as it’s posted by March 30 at 5:00 PM MT, we’ll accept it :slight_smile:


Models only but I think some people are rendering and doing post pro for fun?


you are right


I find that the rules have become too “wave”


I think the rules are clear, they are just so far up not everybody is reading them in the first post ( I missed the submission date for example) and some users are rendering and illustrating stuff. However the the clue is in the name since this is the 3D ‘Modeling’ Challenge.


I’m just saying that I, who are all modeled from A to Z, find it unfortunate that it imports a tree or something else.

ps sorry if this sentence is poorly formulated


I would just like some sort of rule update to better understand this contest


I think some people just didnt read the first post that has all of the rules, one of the first points is:

‘Model(s) must be created from scratch in SketchUp only; no downloading from 3D warehouse or other 3D modeling libraries’

Ed: I will just post them down here again for any newcomers:

Details and Rules:

  1. Model(s) must be created from scratch in SketchUp only; no downloading from 3D warehouse or other 3D modeling libraries
  2. Adding environments / backgrounds is not required but strongly encouraged
  3. You must add your model(s) to 3D Warehouse213 and tag it with the hashtag “#winterblues” to be considered
  4. Up to three entries per modeler
  5. The model(s) must be completed and uploaded to 3D Warehouse by March 30, 2018
  6. Winner will be contacted at the email address listed on your 3D Warehouse account
  7. Judging is based on both solid modeling and creativity. The first round of judging will be done by the 8. SketchUp team, and the final round will be done by YOU! Stay tuned for the online poll after March 30,2018

Terms and Conditions
No purchase necessary
SketchUp 3D Modeling Challenge starts on February 15, 2018 and runs through March 30, 2018
No more than three entries per individual
By entering this competition, participants have accepted and agreed to the conditions
Prizes include 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, SketchUp swag, winning model printed and hung as art. No alternative prizes available
Models must be uploaded to 3D Warehouse and tagged #winterblues to be considered
The winner will be contacted via email by April 6, 2018
Sponsor: Trimble, Inc. 935 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


Yes but Caroline said it was ok … so I’m a little lost


Oh fair enough, well we can just ask @Caroline and i’m sure it will be sorted out.


This is the first challenge in a long time, so we are trying to be flexible with the rules. Ideally all models are created from scratch, however, if someone chooses to add trees or people from the 3D Warehouse to complete the scene / setting, that is acceptable for this challenge. We will make sure the rules are more clear in the next challenge.


I’m sorry but I’m a little disappointed that some do not model everything themselves … after I do not do anything, people do what they want …


I think it’s fun to allow a little bit on the side, just so it can be a bit more inclusive with more people I think was the teams intention. I am sure when they do the judging they will take the warehouse extras into consideration depending on the usage etc!


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take this into account as we judge models and move forward with other challenges.


I didn’t do an entry for a few reasons:

I’m nowhere near as good as the other guys here!

There are some things that I’m way behind on, and so I have to concentrate on those.

Some of the examples people were posting looked like they had copied and pasted their last year of work next to a beach. That was going to be hard to compete against.

A more fun contest would be one where not only does everything have to be modeled in SketchUp, all of what is in the scene has to be modeled after the start date for the competition.


a good way to see the level and responsiveness of people here


We hope you’ll participate in future challenges no matter your skill level!

And we’ll make the language more clear moving forward. The first rule mentions “from scratch” which we meant as NON-RECYCLED OR PREVIOUSLY CREATED MODELS, but it wasn’t clear enough.

Thanks for the feedback!