3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!


That should answer you question…


Is there a size limit to the Model? What’s the size cap for the warehouse?


Warehouse only accepts up to 50mb.


Is the contest open to international participants?


You bet! Just add your model to 3D Warehouse and tag it with the #winterblues hashtag.


Hi, I have a model to submit but it’s rather invlved, more of a scenario than a basic model. It tops out at a little over 69 mb so warehouse won’t accept it. Is there something I can do to decrease the size without deleting parts of it. It does contain a lot of groups.


Have you purged your model? You could also condense layers and reduce the number of materials in your model.


Hi Member ,Thanks I’m kind of new at exporting .What do you mean by purging? And to consolidate layers do you mean pick them and make a group?


Purging your model should help out tremendously. Go to Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused

Reducing the number of layers may also help. If you can combine a few layers into one it may reduce the file size by a bit.


Thanks I’ll give it a shot


you can also purge your model by downloading directly on the 3d warehouse.


Replace the high poly parts with low to medium poly parts. Small curves can get away with being low poly, but large curves look better medium poly. I recommend using the minimum amount of geometry possible that can adequately communicate your idea.


I’m already topping out around 70 MB without any vegetation added to the model with just the building. I only added 4 textures and the model is still large.


Are we allowed to import trees from the 3D warehouse?


Has been answered some “steps” back by @Caroline.


Yep! Filling in your setting or background with 3D Warehouse models is fine.


Here is my final rendered version


Reminder! The deadline to submit your entry is next Friday, March 30, 2018. We’ve got some great entries so far but we’d love to see more! SketchUp swag (including socks!!) and a 3D mouse are at stake :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the “painting” effect add to your model.


Thanks its a mix of photoshop and ipad pen and ink app