3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!

This looks really, really good! I almost mistook it for a photograph. I am actually kind of jealous, not having any proper 3D rendering software. Great postcard! :smiley:

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Can we populate our models with other peoples work from the warehouse? Mainly just asking for cars and furniture.

EDIT: Im dumb. Just saw that you cannot download from the warehouse.

@ad_1011, I guess not, according to rule 1 (first post)

I figured that meant just downloading a building from 3DW and just placing it there. Wasn’t too sure about parts.

I started modeling everything from scratch (grass, cars… ) Without any old models


Me too but i see that some use the model of inspiration, it is authorised?

Can the trees be downloaded from the 3DWH? @Caroline

If you want to download trees or people from 3D Warehouse for setting the scene of your model, we think that’s fine.

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Not solid?

Ahh I see, I think Solid=Group

If the group is a solid. What he is asking is, does it have to be 3D printable?

No, it’s not. Here is an explanation from SketchUp Help Center:

In SketchUp, a solid is any 3D model (component or group) that has a finite closed volume. A SketchUp solid cannot have any leaks (missing faces or faces that do not meet at an edge).

It’s always good idea to work with solids for rendering or 3D printing etc.


Ahh thanks, yes it all makes sense now… as I see the winner can have the model printed!!

Oh dear, back to the drawing board it is…

To clarify, we’re printing the model as an image not 3D printing it :slight_smile:

Ah haa! :+1:

We’ve got some great prizes available for the winner! Check out the preview Aaron gave on FB Live this morning :slight_smile:

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I’m still in confusion a bit. Does the whole model need to be a solid group or can it consist of several solids which doesn’t make a solid if grouped together…

Ex. This model consist multiple solid groups grouped together: https://goo.gl/BvDK4b
And this whole model is a single solid group: https://goo.gl/gnPWbF

No, it doesn’t need to be a solid group.

Hello there. my question is: can trees and plants downloaded from the 3d warehouse be used?

That should answer you question…