3D model with 1.5 million triangles, slow down on my notebook 45Mbytes when saved

Good evening,
I’m using the 30 day Pro version to see if the program supports the dental modeling I need to do.
For the separated jaws +/- 700 thousand triangles takes time but it’s worth it. When you join the 2, using Import, the program crashes.
I managed to save with 45Mbytes.

Above is the link to the file, please help me to see if it is possible to make the lower jaw have the same colors as the upper one (in the file that I imported it was the same) and be able to make simple cuts and animations of the movements for correction of dentition.
It took me hours to be able to disassociate the imported object, after several crashes I need to know if this is the right program for my job

Sorry for my English, I had to use Google translate

It might be if you were using it correctly. It’s not designed specifically for what you are trying to use it for but if you were to simplify the model, use components, groups, and tags correctly, it would probably work. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. This is the result of fixing the incorrect tag usage in your model.
Screenshot - 5_14_2023 , 8_06_55 PM
Purging unused stuff from the model shows this.
Screenshot - 5_14_2023 , 8_07_27 PM
You’d also see less slow down if you turn off Profiles in the style.

It would also work better with a more robust graphics card. The one you list in your profile isn’t a high performer.

My guess is that you could manage to show what you need to show with much simpler geometry.

What are this models be used for? Sketchup is a great software and is able to do anything you want, but there are other softwares that could fulfill your needs better, blender comes to my mind. Sketchup was conceived as an architecture software, it has evolved and with the help of plug-ins its a robust 3D program, but for character modeling for example I wouldn’t use it.

DaveR. Thanks for the quick response.
Excuse my ignorance, but what resources/commands did you use to make these improvements?
I saw that you apparently managed to get the colors of the lower jaw right, I tried several hours and could not.

francisquitof. Thanks for the answer.
The objective is to show my students the use of ramps, which, fixed to the teeth, will correct the dental arch, using chewing to promote this correction.

I used an extension to correct the incorrect tag usage.

Those colors are just what was displayed when I opened your file.

You should spend some time going through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com to learn the fundamentals before you dive into making complex models. If you really need to have incredibly detailed models of the mouth you probably need some other application.

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Do you need the models to have a lot of detail? I would model something with less geometry using quads and subdivide it only if you need to have an organic shape.

3D model >> dinti.skp (2.9 MB)

I’ve remeshed (quads) in Blender one of the parts, reducing the number of edges from 120000 to 20000, see if you can work easier with this model.