3d logistics plan

I want to know what’s the best way to create a 3d logistics plan?

Like something that can be interactive. For example, when I’m presenting the 3d logistics plan, I can easily “drag and drop” the component from a symbol library and into the project site.

Maybe it’s not necessarily a specific software, but rather a combination of different software or plugin that can achieve a result like this?

I think Autodesk Formit is pretty close but not quite there in terms of what I really want.

Any suggestion or idea is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’m not too sure what a 3D logistics plan is. Is it anything like a Vulcan chessboard? If so, I guess you could use SU for that purpose but it would certainly not be a mainstream use.

Something like this. See the link below:

But with the click and drag from the content library in Formit. See the link below:

You can bring in components from libraries in SketchUp and if you set them up correctly, they can be precisely placed on the surface.