3D Feather Fabrication


I found these blueprints for animatronic feathers on thingiverse as part of an animatronic osprey robot. The only problem is that the feathers were not created so there is not STL for them. I was wondering if someone could create these wings for 3D printing use.

Thanks in advance.

ASCI_C_Wing3.pdf (189.0 KB)
ASCI_C_Wing.pdf (119.0 KB)

Looks like you could model these parts. there’s enough info to model the parts that are shown. I appears there are some parts missing. There must be other PDFs. You could start drawing the feathers by drawing the base since they mostly appear to use the same geometry. Fun learning project for you.

There are other PDF’s but they are for the other parts of the body. This should be a fun learning project but I am having trouble curving the parts though.

Here’s the link to where I got the blueprints from.

Looks like you can work with Arc and 2-Point Arc. Are you using SketchUp for Schools, the web based version? Your profile is a bit confusing.

I am mostly using the Web Based version but I also have access to sketch up 2019

Perhaps you could update your profile. Knowing what tools you have access to is helpful in being able to give you proper direction.