3D connexion space mouse and Sketchup 2019

Installing new driver for 3D Spacenavigator helped for me too.

I couldn’t get the SM to work after switching up to SU 2019. The computer wouldn’t recognize it even though it showed it was there in the “About This Mac” system report.

I e mailed 3D connexion support and actually got a solution (copied below) which worked and which I never would have thought of. I hope this helps someone else as I was trying everything for a day and a half with no success.

Hi Guys here is the link to the latest driver.


I have just updated to sketch up 19.3 and my 3D mouse has stoped working! it is however still working in 17.
I have tried to re instal the 3D download but no change. is there anything else I can try.

Try running a repair on the mouse driver.

I don’t think there is such a thing on macOS. Because the installer puts files into SketchUp version-specific folders, you have to reinstall each time you upgrade SketchUp. Also I had to reinstall when I updated to macOS Catalina. But my space navigator is working fine now.

Did you download the latest installer (10.6.3 I think)? It’s working for me.

yes, I have tried again today a few times now and no good.
the update is dated today!

I see they released 10.6.4 today. I’m not at home now so can’t try it out until later. Is the problem limited to SketchUp? Does their trainer app work (it should have installed in /Applications/3Dconnexion)?

When I install a 3D driver I first run the uninstall app that comes with the new driver. This won’t necessarily work if you inadvertently, like I once did, let the Mac install 3Dconnexion for all Users. Make sure it’s installing into the User Library that you run Sketchup from. Doing a search within the Mac HD should find any bits of previous 3Dconnexion in the main library.

After that, install with the Evans Method.

For those who don’t know “the Evans method” refers to @simoncbevans discovery that turning off the macOS firewall before installing the 3Dconnexion driver avoided the memory leak bug.

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