3D connection update

SU22 is not yet compatible with cad mouse pro or space navigator. I’ve had this discussion with their tech support and they tell me soon?

Has anyone else had this issue?
If you know when the update comes please let me know.

Thank you,
Billy G

Their product works as intended for me.

Try this:

  • Uninstall 3DxWare 10 via Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features (You may need to restart the computer.)
  • Download the latest 3DxWare driver.
  • Make sure Sketchup version 2022 (or all other earlier version of SU in which you want to use 3Dxware) properly installed, but it is not running.
  • Install the above mentioned driver, then restart your computer.

will try that thanks

Thank you all.
Their tech support was giving me 10.8.4 last week and now they have 10.8.5 which works great!

Back in the saddle.