3D Bootcamp Early Arrival Dinner?


I’m arriving mid afternoon on Sunday. Would love to get a group of - perhaps - 6 people lined up to eat dinner together. I’ll have a car that can carry 5.

@junior has expressed interest in another thread.

Anybody else?

Plans nearly final for Pre-Bootcamp Dinner Sunday, 9/23

I’m mid afternoon Sunday too, plus getting to the hotel. Do you not think there is dinner within a walking distance? The time to gather that many passengers could be more than the time for us to individually meet somewhere.

But either way, so far I didn’t have anything planned, and would be interested.


I too get in mid-afternoon Sunday. No plans as yet…


Here’s my take:

During the week, we’re likely to make plans with people we meet at the event. Plus, there’s quite a few decent restaurants in the conference hotel. Nearby (as in a reasonable walk in the expected heat)? I could only find a Morton’s Steakhouse.

Sunday night, however, will be before we have any chance to make ad hoc plans with new friends we meet at the event. So it’s a prime opportunity to eat something good farther away from the JW Marriott.

As to meeting, I’m thinking of a meeting place/time at the JW - perhaps 6:30 at the main entrance. That’s when I’ll swing by and pick up other people to max capacity of my car (5). If another carload can be arranged - so much the better!


So should I count you in? See vague plans in my reply above …


Your reply makes complete sense. I will endeavor to be there by 6:30pm, ready for distant exciting food.

I can walk back to the hotel.

That was a joke (I hope).


Hey Steven,

I’d enjoy meeting with and dining with some fellow SketchUppers before the official festivities begin. I am scheduled to arrive before 3 pm local time and will be staying at the JW Marriott.


Great! Sounds like we’ve got @jvleearchitects and @colin for sure,

I’ve seen interest from @junior and @slbaumgartner – if y’all are in, that fills my car! Please confirm.

I’ll do some yelp and Google searching for a few options, then convey them to you via group PM.

Anyone who will have a car want to join? We could double the group size!


Yes I’m still up for that. also, if more people seam to be interested and will need more cars, I could give a hand with that, too.


I’m a maybe. Don’t hold a seat reserved for me if you have a car full.


OK. It looks like we’ve got a 2nd car available with:

@Junior: If we use your car as well, how many people - including yourself - can you carry?


I’d suggest Birba if you’re looking in Palm Springs. Otherwise hotel dining options are good…though given we’re here all week it may get tiresome :wink:


I haven’t started my search for a restaurant - yet! I’ll keep your recommendation in mind.

And per:

We’ll specifically going to be looking for dining anywhere except the JW Marriott (and the Morton’s across the street)!


Here’s the beginning of my research - what types of restaurant to avoid!

To begin, I want to not go to a restaurant whose menu is similar to one of the dinner restaurants at the JW Marriott, which are:

  • Rockwood Grille: Steaks and other standard American staples. Menu
  • Mikado: Teppanyaki Grill and Sushi Bar. Menu
  • Aquifier65: Bar Bites and Sushi. Menu
  • Fisherman’s Landing: Fish and Steaks (mostly). Menu

So I’ll be looking for other cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Chinese and who knows what else!


i can take 6 passengers. 7 including myself.


Dinner would be nice, but we won’t arrive in time for it.


We live about 5 miles from the conference and just thought it would be good to chime in about restaurants in the area…

  1. The hotel is set back from the street a long way… think Vegas casinos on the strip, so walking out to Country Club drive will make you tired, especially in the heat. The hotel restaurants are pricey and not our favorites in the valley.

  2. Uber, Lyft, taxis

  3. Directly across the street are Morton’s (a chain) and Cork Tree. Both are pretty pricey but very good. Cork Tree is a local place so I suggest that one instead of Morton’s which you can do any time in many cities. Cork Tree probably will have some light entertainment in the bar area.

  4. Down Country Club a ways is Si Bon, a Belgian restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and is marvelous. Spoke to the owner tonight and he is going to offer some type of discount to conference attendees. More info to come.

  5. Down Cook Street about 3 miles toward the freeway (Marriott is on the corner of Country Club and Cook street) is a marvelous local restaurant Roc’s Firehouse Grille. Extremely good restaurant/bar owned by a former firefighter that was the recovery mission during 9-11 so there is a lot of interesting memorabilia etc. Great food, great prices, great drinks. ROC just might be there as well. Working on an offer from this restaurant for attendees as well.

  6. There is also an Applebees, two Italian restaurants, a Mexican restaurant, pizza place and sushi restaurant in the general vicinity.

  7. You HAVE to have some Mexican food while you are here. We have several Las Casuelas restaurants, and Casuelas Café. The closest to the hotel is Casuelas Café in Palm Desert and you will love it. They have an outdoor patio with entertainment.

  8. For Italian food, Castelli’s in Palm Desert is the best!

If you have any questions, reach out to me and I will tell you everything you need to know.


Thanks @mb1cpa,

This is very informative. I vote for one of the Mexican restaurants, but I’m open to whatever is decided upon by the group.


Mexican works for me. Here’s the menu page for the Casuelas Cafe in Palm Desert that @mb1cpa recommends:

And to Michelle: Thanks for all the information above! Might you be inclined to join us?


Hmm, it seems a travel plan correction might make dinner time possible after all, but not sure yet. Still working on it.