3D Basecamp 'Out of This World' AR Community Competition - Closing Soon!

Hey wonderful SU community members. This just in: the SketchUp Team has officially launched this years’ AR (augmented reality) modeling competition that will be exhibited at the upcoming 3D Basecamp in Las Vegas in November: Out of this World AR Competition | 3dbasecamp

This year’s theme is ‘Out of This World Photo Op.’ That means YOU get to model a photo frame that doubles as a portal to a far off or imaginary world that attendees get to place themselves inside for a one-of-a-kind conference souvenir. Example (I know you can do way better):
For those that may be new to modeling for Augmented Reality, here is some background on 3DBC’s 2022 competition that might be interesting or insightful - In Vancouver, we hosted our first ever AR Community Competition and he theme was ‘Curious Creatures’. We had such great entries from you, our community members - 10 of which were chosen to be exhibited throughout the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was so cool to see attendees interact with and capture pics with YOUR models to share:

Photo credits: Dave Cooperstein, Kieran Churchill (via LinkedIN).

Feel free to post any questions or ideas here. Can’t wait to see what this creative community comes up with.


Happy post-SUv2024.0 release. Now that everyone’s got access to the latest and greatest tools, thought I might bump a reminder to the top of the forum requesting submissions for our AR Competition and Exhibition. Note that you don’t have to attend 3DBC in November to submit or win.

Has anyone out there started an entry? Stuck picking a theme to inspire your modeling? Reach out here with ideas and I’ll be happy to brainstorm here (or privately via DM) with you. Thanks and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I tried modeling sky and ground before looking at the example template and realizing that you don’t look through to see the world on the other side of the arch but model around it. Oops!

Nonetheless, I had fun making a terrain mesh, flipping it upside down for the sky and trying to different scaling to get ‘clouds’.

First attempt (may be the last) at Elysium (sans fields):

Howdy Eric, Cool, I will put my thinking cap on. Cheers, Transom

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Looks great! Cheers, Transom

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Awesome Transom. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’m planning to do one myself and talk through the AR process as well for next week’s live stream…so that should be fun.

Hey @eric-s! Yes…I have something cooking that might be cool. The template is a little bit restrictive with the giant archway hole in the middle, but I’m hoping to come up with something.

Thanks for organizing again this year!

Awesome Dave! I hear ya on the template but it’s for good reason…the lidar/camera in AR mode sometimes can’t tell whether the model or the subject should be in front. After numerous testing rounds, I felt it would be safest to ‘frame’ the subject rather than place them in front of something. Some overlap is probably fine. And who knows…sometimes constraints lead to more creative solutions :wink:

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For anyone thinking of submitting to our competition, I’ll be making an entry of my own in less than an hour on our YT Live Stream. Come join and help me come up with a cool and memorable augmented reality photo op experience. :selfie:

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We did it!


Hi SketchUp Community. Just a quick reminder that we’re just 10 days away from closing our 'Out of this World’ AR competition. (deadline is July 12) - So please get your entries posted as soon as they’re ready.

Reach out with any questions or concerns you have. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! - Eric & the SketchUp Team

So, @eric-s , did you finally get at least SIX people to enter, after all?? #hereshoping

Thanks @davecoopstl for checking in…last day to submit for those who haven’t. We have at least 6 but I like some friendly competition so curisous to see what comes in last min!

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