384 sides dice, any ideas?

hey guys, I’m trying to model this dices, do you guys have any idea about how to model them?

I just really need help with those:

384 sides
126 sides
96 sides

Hi fabio,

better you ask at the Geodesic help, google groups

I cant quite make out the geometry. Can you post a picture that can be zoomed and not pixelated? Or a link to a better picture?

The 2nd looks like a floret octahedron. The 3rd perhaps a 2 frequency floret octahedron.The 4th looks like a floret 2 frequency dodecahedron.
The 5th I cannot tell. The 6th might be the dual of a 4 frequency icosahedron.
The 7th I cannot tell.

@fabio13222 See this topic: