2D Layout for private user

I’ve been a non-commercial sketchup user on and off for several years, and used Layout prior to the license pricing changes to produce some 2D drawings for planning permission on my own home. ie, I am a private user not making money out of using sketchup. showbox

I’m now looking at upgrading to a license, but I notice now to use Layout means to upgrade to a pro subscription. This is very expensive for a private user doing occasional projects.

Is there an option to pay for non commercial use of 2D Layout? Or, is there another 3rd party application I can import my 3D models into to create 2D drawings similar to layout?

Which version did you have?

I understand that the answer to this question is “No”.

There was a thread on this forum still active recently about alternatives to using Layout, for users of the free Web version, which would work just as well for Make users.

SU Make 2017 is still available for download, and still free for non-commercial use. It starts as a Pro version trial for 30 days, and includes Layout until the trial expires. That could work for a one-off use. Or if you still have thePro 2017 licence, enter it and use 2017 Pro permanently.

Get Make 2017 from www.sketchup.com/download/all.

If you still have the licence for your 2017 Pro version, it is still likely to be usable on Windows or Mac OS X (though probably not reliably on the last couple of versions of Mac OS X). Or you may even have it installed already, if you use a Mac.

But you list your operating system as iOS - which is for iPhones and iPads, and does not support Sketchup, just the Viewer.

Which version of Mac OS X do you actually have? And what is the model number of your graphics card, not just the manufacturer AMD? Please update your profile, ad Mike Wayzovski has already asked.