2D Door Swing Arcs Disappearing

This is the second time all the 2d door swings have disappeared from my model. the 2d door itself is still there, just the arc disappeared, and I don’t want to keep putting them in manually and wasting time.

It happened with every door swing arc. Anybody have advice on this. I am running 2020 subscription pro version.

JDW_Desi Measured 11.03.20.skp (4.8 MB)

Are you running any sort of CleanUp or other extension that would treat those as stray edges?

Incidentally, I did see some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 11_6_2020 , 1_59_36 PM

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Unfortunately, even looking at the model, it is hard to say why lines that are not there are not there… Did you run CleanUp? That would get rid of loose lines. Alternatively, do you have the model or door component saved , so we could see a “before version”?


I ran clean up. That is the cause. Thank you!


Thanks Dave. I did run CleanUp… That was the cause of those arcs disappearing. Is there a way to put those arcs in so that when I run CleanUp, they don’t disappear?
Not sure which tags(layers?) are incorrect.

For future models, you can close the arc and color the face inside the arc with a clear material, That way the line will not be loose geometry, and you won’t have to worry about the face interfering with the floor.

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Or downright hide the face. My door swings are inside a component.

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As Aaron said, make the edges support a face so they don’t get deleted during cleanup.

Thank you, I followed your instructions and the door swing arcs are no longer disappearing.

The only problem with this method is that it leaves a line in the doorway when you send the file to layout for a floor plan. This happens even when putting the transparent fill and the lines needed to close the arc on the visual merge layer or hiding it.

Can you share an image of the line you are seeing?


If there is a line you are expecting not to see, you can just select it and hide it.