270 degree hidden hinge search

Morning, hope it’s ok to post this question here
we’re looking for a hidden hinge that opens 270 degrees
any suggestions?

HI Drew

thanks for your note
Ken T came to the plate and drew us up a pretty nice locker.
We’re just sourcing hinges now
ie one that will allow a 270 degree movement
like a cabinet hinge but will hold the weight of the fight hand door.
the left hand wall and door ‘double’ hinge against the left side outrigger
any ideas?

Very odd thread…

just not finding the answer in other searches
Had a thought that one of you out in the forums might have a suggestion
thanks for your consideration

That’s what I meant by odd. You seem to be talking to yourself rather than asking a question.
I’m guessing you have copied a post from a conversation, without context we can’t really answer. Drew may well be Plusspec or something else…
Try asking a full question without assuming any prior knowledge.

How about something like these?


thanks, working on it
Ken T went way beyond and spent way more time on this than I thought and I appreciate the work he did
now we’re sourcing these hinges

Must be the beer on my end, but it just gets more …


Browsing McMaster-Carr may help you understand what’s available:

Thanks Geo
I"ll have a look