2024 Issues with Disapearing Components

Was looking forward to this release as I had to skip 2023 due to some major problems with how Layout was communicating with sketchup. So, initial thoughts were, this is good, opened up a big model and it handled it really well, much better than before.

So today I have it set up and the first proper test run, and I noticed some flicker in my components, then they disappeared all together, then they showed up, disappeared, you get the idea.

So was going to have to go back to 2022… again… then saw a post where you can use the old engine… I’ll give it a go, so at least I can use the latest version. Shame though, as it was killing it with the big model…

Anyone else noticed this issue, or is it just me.?

Could you show a small example file, and describe what flickering it gives you?

The flickering I know of so far was mainly Mac M3 machines. If you have something looking wrong on Windows it may be a new issue.

As you can see from the video, I delete a object, and the rosettes and the spigots on all the other objects disappear also. They are not connected apart from sharing a component. If I delete the other standards first, then it seems to delete okay, but then it flickers and the disappearing starts again.?
I’m running windows.