2023 closes on open

I had some issues with 2023.1, fixing it was a process. If you are familiar with the file system of your PC, I will provide the process. It will take me some time to put it together. Slow fat fingers on the KB.

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Check your PM’s

This seems a little crazy but I log into Windows with a PIN. I logged out and back in with my password. And SU 2023 has loaded. It may have been the fix RLGL outlined. But I had tried that twice and it didn’t take.

I am in!

One other point, as I started SU 2023 for the first time, a Trimble window (black letters white background) popped up with a required check box. I had never seen that screen previously. After checking, the welcome screen appeared and then on to SU2023.

This morning I confirmed, the login is the issue. I switched back to my PIN log in and SU 2023 closes after the welcome window, as before. Unfortunately, I followed up by switching to a local account from “Windows Hello” login (my PC is only for SU and Enscape) and SU 2023 closes after the welcome screen again. Wonderful!

So, SU 2023 is up and running under a local password. For me, SU 2023 does not run after a PIN login.

My initial observation after a brief playtime, SU2023 is a big improvement in inference, speed, graphics, etc.

So what happens if we ONLY log in by PIN? This is truly unfortunate and curious how Trimble Devs overlooked this. What a mess… but one heck of a find if this is the core problem so many folks are having. Crazy!

this worked for me - FYI