2022 bug when picking/labelling areas

This gif explains the issue.

The face has a group (with a dashed edge) created in place.
That’s fine and I’d expect the area of the surrounding face (yellow) to read as 233.5m2 (though since it’s not a Component, why would it be “cutting a hole” in the face?)

That face area should change to the correct value when the Group is moved away or deleted.
Labelling the are should definitely label the correct area.

area pick bug
bug labelling areas.skp (21.6 KB)

I can reproduce this. It calculates right if you unglue the hole-cutting group. As SketchUp has no real Booleans, I would count this rather an anomaly than a bug. The group belongs to the face until you disconnect it. I also tested this on version 2019, and it worked the same, so it is not new.