2021 crashing on opening

Installed 2021 (21.0.392) pro last week, but it refuses to startup. It crashes immediately, with the apple error EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGABRT) Attempt to change noneditable color list Metal.
Mac, catalina fully updated, 16 - 512

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using OSX 10.13. Catalina is 10.15.

Did you install it correctly? @colin has helped some users recently who have had some weird issues with Mac installs.

Installed as I always do: move the icon to the apps folder. I am the only user and admin.

The issue that we fixed in 2021.0.1 doesn’t always work if you drag the folder to Applications and let Finder replace the existing one. You need to trash the existing one first, then copy the new one in.

solved. But, has anything changed in the mouse behaviour? It suddenly feels rather constricted and unpractical. Or is it a setting which hinders me?

Nothing has changed with the mouse behavior. Can you describe what feels different, and what mouse are you using?

The navigating around a couple of items in a file seems to keep the axle-cross much more centred and and is more difficult to get around anything by mouse, not the hand-option. Its a standard logitech