2020.2 Update - Installation interrupted?

I’m trying to install the update for 2020 Pro, but I keep getting an error, see image attached.

I did use right-click on the exe-file, then “run as administrator”. I don’t get the option to “repair” instead of “install”.
What am I missing here?

Many thanks!
Sincere greetings,

Perhaps the downloaded install file is somehow damaged. Download a fresh copy and try it agian, with right-click “run as administrator”.

Hi Julian,
I thought the same thing, tried it 3 times… Same result… :thinking:

Grtz, Sigrid

Hmmmmm… Copy & paste a screen capture of your install directory path please.

Last night there was a Windows update, I tried to install the .exe again today and now it worked!
Don’t know what happened, but it’s ok now! :star_struck:

Grtz, Sigrid

Who knows what Windows updates will do? :slight_smile:

When you ran the installer did you right click on it and choose Run as administrator?