2020.1 crash

Since I upgrade version 2020.1 on Mac , importing file saved from Archicad 23 (skp. dxf. files) it crash always. I want to come back to version 2020… How can I do? We can’t download 2020 version anymore?

Maybe us time machine and look in the downloads or Apps folder?
Can you post an example file?

Hello Mike,
I cancelled application on my Mac book pro at home.

Redid 2020.1 complete installation

The crash problem still happen.

I went back now at my office and I saved my file on another Mac which run original 2020 version.

Importing same archicad file works!

It really mean the new 2020.1 version bug when importing these files

I would like to reinstall 2020 original version on my Mac book pro but I can’t find it! Trimble cancel it from older download version …


Kind regards

Stefano Cittolin

Take a copy of the app folder from your office with you, maybe, the installer is there, too.
Do you use a backup system? I use Time Machine and a 3TB disc, whenever I am on the same wifi, it gets backed up.

Will check tomorrow
Will let you know


Stefano Cittolin