2019 pro model not opening in Layout

Just purchased 2019 pro. I have created a garden design model which has saved to sketchup. I press the send to layout tag and Layout opens with the choose your paper size which I do and then nothing happens. The model will not load. I have created other small models just to try out but nothing load. I can however load an old back up model which I produced in 2017. Any help please even if I am being stupid


First thing that comes to mind is did you install SketchUp and LayOut correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, you should close both SketchUp and LayOut and repair the installation using Run as administrator.

Have you tried Insert from the File menu in LayOut to insert your SketchUp model? Does that work?

Can you share the SketchUp file so we can look at it to see if there’s anything to account for the issue with the model?

Thanks David…As you suggested and all sorted



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Was it repairing the installation that did it?

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