2018 opens old files in locked screen freeze

I recently upgraded to Sketchup 2018. It works great on newly created files, even very large complex files.

Any files created in 2017 version or older open with the saved view visible but the window is locked and inoperative. All other programs such as outlook or photoshop still work correctly while the sketchup window is locked. The locked Sketchup window can only be closed when forced to close using the windows task manager.

I have tried running the program as administrator, my IT helpdesk has uninstalled and reinstalled the software with the same results. They are stumped.

It appears that having two versions is no longer allowed, when 2017 was added back to my programs the notice came up that the license was expired.

Sketchup Make is not an option, the free version is now 2017 and when loaded it defaults to Pro and indicates the 2017 license has expired.

I expect you are getting a message window that warns you that the SKP file was created in an older version and if you save it in SU2018, you won’t be able to open it in the older version. After opening the file, try hittinng Enter to acknowledge the message even though you may not see it. Does SketchUp unlock?

Do you ever run the computer with more than one display?

SketchUp needs to be installed under your own log in but you need to right click on the installer exe and click Run as administrator.

It would be helpful if you would complete your profile with the correct information regarding operating system and graphics card.

Thanks Dave, the older version notice is not the issue. Yes, I often run with multiple monitors and go back and forth between working on the laptop and a docking station with additional monitors. (and I did update my profile be nice if the data is not correct, I like to drive the car but I let others change the oil)

I have found a work-around. When I double click the file icon Windows is not recognizing Sketchup or has a glitch that barely recognizes the program and allows it to open but locks immediately as a frozen image of the full Sketchup menu and saved visual. I have been opening Sketchup 18 first then going to file/open and everything works fine.

Files that I have created within Sketchup 18 will double click open from the folder icon. Older version files need to be opened within the Sketchup file/open method.