2018 GLASER STX DEMO on MAC not working


Hi all, my first post here.
Has anyone got the [2018 GLASER STX DEMO] to work on sketchup pro 2018 ? I will buy the extension of it works but cant get the demo to export or preview.
Im not sure if it is compatible as some extensions are listed as mac and pc where as this one is not but still installs.



I had a quick look at their website…

as the main product is windoze only, I doubt you will get the full benefits even if ‘some bits’ of the exporter work…

btw: update your profile if no longer on a pc using v17 Make…




Thanks for the quick response John,
Ive checked their site and was quite shocked to see the extension costs more than the cost of sketchup itself so I wont be able to afford that sort of outlay. i will update my profile as Im making use of the dual licence option by running sketchup on my mac and my pc.