2018 for pc pro crash on start up bug splats

i have pro version for pc. it has been working fine, i upgraed to pro 6months ago, was still fine everything worked. now all i get is bugsplat when i try to start it. i have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated graffics card… nothing seems to work. please can someone suggest help.
i7 6500u cpu, intel r core tm, ideapad 300-171sk, 64 bit

Perhaps the system is using the integrated Intel chip instead of the Radeon graphics card.

Press the Windows Key to open the Start Menu
In the Start Menu go to Windows System > Control Panel

At top right In the Control Panel, set View by: Large icons
Now find the AMD Radeon Catalyst Control Center.

In the AMD Radeon Catalyst Control Center…
Confirm you’re running the Radeon graphics card and not the integrated Intel chip.

thanks for yr reply.

there is no icon for the radeon at all.

it is on the computer but i cant find a option to make it use it as a default??

If you go to your Desktop and right click, does it appear in the Context Menu?
Here’s a screenshot of how the nVidia control appears on mine.



Good to see you found it.
Seems odd it’s not listed in Control Panel like nVidia does.

Most likely there’s a panel that sets the default graphics processor akin to the nVidia panel below.

The Radeon settings software seems incomplete - I haven’t used it in many years though.

Link to some useful info on it:

AMD Radeon Software Crimson

I have heard it mentioned on this site that it is sometimes necessary to download your graphics drivers from the manufacturer, in this case, Lenovo - may be worth checking.

thanks very much for yr help, i will keep trying. i was working just fine so it must have been a update sometime that has messed with it

i just did this???

didnt make any differance

If you are connected to an external monitor there can be complications with some laptops - the laptop mobo hardware may not support GPU output properly.

Otherwise, have you downloaded your driver from Lenovo yet to try that?

no external monitor… it was working fine up untill a month ago, the only change may have been an update??
the graffics cards are all up to date. it is using amd radeon

Sorry - I seem to have lost track of this thread.

A few issues still to consider - your monitor is likely run by your Intel chip, regardless of driver versions and Crimson settings. What happens is the intel driver runs the monitor, and the Radeon driver trys to run the 3D software.

What are Optimus ‘IGP displays’ and ‘GPU displays’.pdf (106.9 KB)

I have had similar issues with my laptop and resolved it somewhat by using an older GPU driver - would be trial and error (start with the latest from your hardware manufacturer). You also need to control how windows downloads updates, so you can choose what to install and avoid future issues.