2018: dxf - failed to insert

I’m testing the new dxf-import feature in layout. I have a small dxf file (gis data - see attachment) that imports fine in SketchUp but fails in Layout - no matter which option I choose; paperspace 1/2, model space.

Any suggestions?
tst.zip (6.8 KB)

seems to be no valid model space, very far away from origin too.

btw, who did made the German localization… really odd wording and truncated strings in LO import options.

Its a dxf export from a small test area in Qgis. Large coordinates are common in GIS. SketchUp imports the file fine though.

Feature request for M1 (or 2019): would be nice if ‘move to origin’ would be added to the import options in LayOut as well.

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Have seem simular when exporting a scaled drawing from LayOut and then re importing the dwg

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