2018 2d template


How do I select a 2D starting view in 2018?


Set the camera you want and then go to File > Save As Template…


Choose one of the Construction Documents Template at you welcome screen or in Preference panel:

after you have selected, start a new file…


Ah, I thought those were gone but I got them mixed up with the general Top View template (or whatever it was called) back in the old days.


I think it was Plan View!


Always worries me when someone asks for the 2d template.
Just be sure that you understand you will still be working in a 3d environment and nothing is locked to a 2d plane.
As soon as you use the Orbit tool, even a little bit, you will skew your ‘2d plane’.
Create a Scene that is aligned to one of the standard views, Top for example, and set the Camera to Parallel Projection.
This way you can easily get back to your 2d setup when you’ve orbited into 3d.


Many thanks good advice.


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