2016 pro vs Sketchup go

I own and still use my 2016 Sketchup Pro, and would like to try the Go or the free version to see what I’ve been missing. Will loading one of these somehow override or mess up my old version? Thanks John

No, it will not affect 2016. Each desktop version of SketchUp installs as a separate app and each instance of Free or Go runs in a web browser tab that is independent of the others. The only limitation is that your subscription will only let you run a limited number of versions at the same time and you may have to log out or deactivate some to get a different one to launch.

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Thank you for your replying to me. Though my 2016 pro is still great though it does has its quirkiness, do you think now that we’re in 2022 there has been so many improvements that I would not miss my old pro version?. Thanks

Be aware that Go and Free are web based and do not support extensions/plugins.


There are significant UI differences between the web-based Free and Go vs the desktop versions. The same stuff is there, but presented differently and rearranged. It takes some getting used to.

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