2016 MacBook Pro 13" compatibility


Looking to purchase a new MacBook Pro 13" with the following:

  • 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz
  • 16GB 2133MHz memory
  • 256GB PCIe-based SSD
  • Intel Iris Graphics 550

Will this be compatible with SketchUp Pro? The SketchUp site says “a 3D class video graphics card made by NVIDIA or AMD is required”. Should I be concerned with the Intel Iris Graphics 550 that’s included with the new MacBook Pro?

Thank you!


You might want to do a search here for posts related to Intel graphics.


I have a late 2014 13" MacBook Pro with the following specs:
2.6 GHz Core i5 (4th Gen / Haswell)
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM
Intel Iris 5100 integrated graphics

It runs SketchUp well and drives a Dell U3415W external monitor without any problems or latency. Given that the model you’re considering is two generations newer for both CPU and GPU, (with associated increases in speed/power) it should work really well. That model can drive a 5K monitor with a single TB3 cable.

If you’re planning on heavy-duty rendering, then it would be an issue: but even with my modest machine I have had good results using Twilight — just have to learn which settings prevent an overly-taxing render and not get overly-ambitious.

I wouldn’t worry about Intel integrated graphics compatibility at all – there have been associated issues reported with Windows PC’s but never heard any from recent MacBooks. (probably because they use the higher spec’d Iris graphics vs the lower-end HD graphics often found on PC ultrabooks - plus you don’t have wonky driver issues on the Mac)

There have been many reports of SU Pro 2016 compatibility issues with Sierra, but a recent SU update has addressed the worst bugs, and the immanent 2017 release should clear up the rest. (I’m still running SU Pro 2015 / El Capitan)

I love my MacBook, and I’m sure you’d find the newest model hits a great sweet spot for weight, power and portability (and fabulous screen)… though it sure is pricey!


Thanks db11,

That’s a huge help accross the board, not only for the compatibility issue, but also for reassuring me that the new 13" is going to perform solidly with SUP. As I’m sure you’ve seen, the new Macs seem to be getting a real beating on this recent release. They seemed to have disappointed the “power users”. I don’t consider myself such, but because they do subscribe to that moniker, I can’t help but to hear them loudly during this purchase, especially since, yes, it is very pricey. But I make them last… coming from an ailing mid-2010 15’ MBP, I believe I’m taking a small leap of faith for what I’m expecting to be an incredible improvement all around. One day, I’ll have to read up on what the heck a graphics card really does, I’ve never really understood. It makes the graphics work is about as much as I really understand :wink: