2016 and 2017 versions worked fine


2016 and 2017 versions worked fine all of a sudden started freezing Long start up and then every move locks up for a couple seconds


This sort of behavior started getting reported in the last week. It’s been traced to a Windows security update. Removing that update has fixed it for others. You might do the same. A search for recent threads mentioning Window security should turn up plenty of similar threads.


When MS does an update they also create a restore point so, some times you can roll back to that to fix your problem. Open your control panel and there should be update option and when you select that it will take you to a drop down that will lead you to the restore points you have on your PC and you can decide if you want to do a restore at earlier time. It also will take you to drop down to show the updates you have installed. The problem one I think is KB 4013249.?
In addition Dan Rathbun posted yesterday they have issued an emergency update.


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