2015 Pro multi-seat License Failure (2016 Pro Multi-seat works fine)


I work for a College in Boston. We have multiple multi-seat licenses for Pro 2015 and Pro 2016. Pro 2016 is working fine.

My expiry dates for Pro 2015 are April 10, 2016, and July 31, 2016.

The April 10 license is working fine, but ** the July 31 license is saying that it is not a valid license.**

I want to continue using the July 31, so that I don’t have to worry about re-licensing before the end of the Semester. They were ALL working yesterday!



Just FYI, … If you had an 10 seat license, and you upgraded to v2016, you still have an 10 seat license.
Meaning that you cannot have more than 10 people using ANY version of SketchUp. Some ppl tend to think that, after an upgrade, you could have 10 users using v2016 and still 10 users concurrently using v2015. That is not how it works. An simple upgrade does not increase the licensed seats.

Now, we would hope that the 10 users should be able to whatever version they need to, within the network. But there have been issues reported. I think currently that there is a “post upgrade grace period”, after which the users must only use the latest version.


I understand that today, for network licenses, the older version stops working when you first start using the new version and its serial number.

The internet-based new network licensing was clearly implemented quite half-baked, and none of the promised improvements have materialized. Especially the lack of security and administrative tools are rather annoying.