20 Reasons to consider learning Blender

New video showing you how to accurately create dimensioned drawings and models in Blender using their version of the pencil tool and a background template.


These videos are great, keep it up!

Hey @chippwalters , thanks for keeping up this series.
Also please consider making a video for Archipack and Archimesh addons.

I plan on making tutorials for addons, but first I want to get the basics down. I’m expecting Blender 2.8 to be production ready in Q1 2019 and want to get the basics completed and up to speed on 2.79 before jumping into 2.8 as a lot of it is consistent with the new release.

Limshigan aka Collage Architecture has an excellent post on Architectural Blender addons and other stuff on page 2, near the bottom of this post:


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New Tute-- this one is about taking the lines (edges) created from the blueprint of the last tutorial and converting them magically into walls. :grinning:

Another tutorial on setting up Cycles for a quick rendering.

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New tutorial on Smoothing meshes in Blender. Compares with how SketchUp does it.

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A primary reason for switching from SketchUp to Blender is that SketchUp (in 2018) still cannot do bevels!

Even with Fredo’s amazing plugin, it still doesn’t work-- and it’s not Fredo’s fault as he’s told me it’s about how the engine architecture in SketchUp works. UGH!

Blender does magnificent bevels and the bevel modifier is just fabulous!!! Watch to see!


Thanks for sharing. Looks like you’re making progress! Can you do this one?

Chipp - Corner - rounding 2.skp (2.9 MB)


Fredo, that is not the use case I was talking about. Here’s an example:

Fredocorner - 6-3.skp (875.5 KB)


Fredo, very nice! Is this version public?

Lot of details to handle. So will take a while.

HDRI lighting is incredibly easy to do in Blender with the free HDRI Lighting Setup addon. Check it out:

All about how to use materials in your Blender scene. In many ways, Blender is similar to SketchUp with regard to how it handles materials.

Hi Chip
What’s the “keyboard shortcut cheat sheet” you have in the image panel? Is that available for download?
There’s a lot of shortcuts to remember !! I wonder if there will be a more icon based tool selection in the future?


Yep, way too many keys to have to remember. Great tech. Horrible UX.


Fredo has once again done it. This is simply stunning work. What a herculean effort by Fredo.

I know of no other bevel/fillet/chamfer tool that can do all of this, outside NURBS based solids modelers. My thoughts in no particular order:

  1. SQUIRCLE This geometry has been known for quite a while in the Industrial Design profession. It has to do with creating a soft continuity between normals as the surface moves around a corner. In CAD is it typically referred to as G2 or G3 continuity setting. The result of using squircles is you don’t get strong highlight artifacts at the borders between flat surfaces and the beginning of a bevel. It turns out NURBS are used to create it, and SubDivision surfaces are based on such continuous geometry. I don’t know of any other bevelling tools in poly modelers that can do this without having to approximated with SubD geometry. Great work!
  2. UNDO/REDO Wow, the beginnings of parametric modifiers in major SketchUp tools. Modifiers are extremely powerful and capable design tools, allowing users to change designs long after the fact. Nice job!
  3. WORKS WITH JUST ABOUT ANY GEOMETRY This is something I’ve been looking for awhile now. Too many times has SU been limited for me to create industrial designs based on the lack of a really robust bevelling toolkit. This fixes all of that!
  4. SUBDIVISION FILLET GENERATOR Clearly this is a byproduct of the tool, as Fredo had to innovate and take a total different direction to solve many of the filleting issues. This is a truly unique feature and not one I believe is represented anywhere else in the world. Just amazing!

Thanks very much Fredo for a magnificent tool!