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  1. Please refresh my memory and tell me why some ‘surfaces’ in my geometry are white and others gray. See drawing.

  2. Can I upload a model to the 3D Warehouse? See the vise in my drawing.
    4 foot workbench.skp (629.9 KB)

Grey surfaces are back sides. They should be reversed.

You should be able to upload your model as long as you are logged in.

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Depending on the application of your model you might want to consider using components for each of the parts you would make in the shop. As it is you have huge lumps of geometry which would make it difficult to work with or use for a plan if that is your goal. The joinery isn’t useful, for example because all of the geometry is welded together in a lump.

For the shelf you opened the Shelf component for editing and copied the geometry.

I’ve redrawn you model using components for each piece you would need to make in the shop. This makes it possible to pull the pieces away from each other to see and dimension the joinery. It also makes it possible to get a useful cutlist.

Screenshot - 7_24_2021 , 5_35_31 PM

4 foot workbench reworked.skp (297.3 KB)


Thanks for the answers!!

I’ll try again to upload the vise model.

DaveR, while I didn’t break the model down as far as you did, I did make components of the leg assembly, the top, the shelf, teh wedge and the vise.

You did make components of assemblies but not the individual parts. If you don’t care about the individual parts, you might as weill omit the joinery details as they won’t be useful.

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