1In+1In=2In and Line1*2=Line2=2In

I’d like it If :

Typed in " 1In + 1In " while using the line tool it would make a line that is 2In
Made each line selectable and renamable in a menu

If you could enter the name of a different line to use that lines dimensions
For example if :
Line 1 ( L1 ) is 1In
L1 * 2 = L2 = 2In

Right now the only programs that do this is Autocad and Inventor

What advantage would it have for the general user?
I’m sure there must be other ways then turning the ‘Measurements’ field into some program.
See if you can start from making each edge a component that has its own definition and instance name.


Scaling object and creating objects quickly without the exact dimensions

There is, I could make a excel sheet with the dimensions, run the formulas, and copy the end result to the program, but that doesn’t fix scaling

I’ve done that before, It just changes the color of the object, I want it to be selected when I click on the name

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I’m really confused what you want.

There are frequently requests to have the VCB perform simple calculations, i.e. writing 4+8 should equal writing 12 directly. If I get this correct you are not interested in having the input calculated when parsed, but want to change how the tools themselves function, as well as adding a name property to individual edges.


Line named x1 = 2
Line named x2 = 5
x1 + x2 = x3
x3 = 7

Now I am even more confused.

Show us an example where this comes in handy, instead of a simple “Yep 1+1=2”. There are various ways to achief this with SketchUp’s native tools, thus avoiding any ‘Measurement’s’ newly created language.
Show us a clear example please that explains the benefits.

Imagine a square
the length ( line one ) is 1In
The width ( line two ) is twice the size of line one
So line two = 2In

Changing line one to 5In automatically changes line two to 10In

The need to implement this feature is beyond me. (Blame it on me if you wish). You may try coding a script in Ruby to customize your SketchUp program to do these things on selected edges. I’ll stop guessing for its purpose.

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So you want to scale uniformly? Scale tool does that.

Sounds like a rather basic step towards parametric modelling. But how on earth would the user keep track of what they themselves have defined, let alone what someone else might have built in to the model? I’d find it very peculiar to scale an edge, and find some other not-obviously-related part of the model changing

You can already achieve something like this in Ruby, using the parametric.rb script that is part of (among others) the SU Shapes plugin.

This sounds like Dynamic Components, to me. It’s pretty easy to set a value to a multiplied value of another. IF this is the use case, then I would recommend looking at Dynamic Components… If you are looking for something else (as I may still be confused) please do elaborate.

@NexVeridian please fix up your forum profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2018 Make, which is not an existing version! The last version of Make is 2017, and 2018 is only available as Pro. The correct profile info will help us to offer the best advice. For example,
@TheOnlyAaron’s suggestion to use Dynamic Components is irrelevant unless you have SketchUp Pro.

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