17.01 Version Errors Opening Earlier Models from Warehouse

Each time I download from the warehouse I check the create and last edit dates first.
Often when the last edit date on the model is much earlier than 2016 I get a version error…

You have version 16.1.1450
You need version 17.01

even though the model was last edited in 2014 or maybe 2012
My PC is 32 bit so I cannot update to 17.01

Seems strange that so many models last edited much earlier than 2016 require v17.01

Any suggestions?

ps the date modified time stamp on the .skp file in windows is the current date (ie post 1/1/2017)

What do you get when you go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser? You should be able to download a version for SU2016 or earlier.

downline the v16 version…

the database is regularly updated to the latest version, but older ones are there as well…


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yep, found them
thank you

was just taking the default which is latest version
didn’t realize there was a pull down for prev releases

thanks a lot

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