0-key on numeric keypad no longer working when entering measurements

I’m a newbie with Sketchup, and I’m still in the phase of discovering its features based on the free Web version.
Since today (I’m quite sure that this didn’t happen previously!) the 0-key on the numeric keypad of my Windows PC is no longer working when I try to specify dimensions (e.g. when using the Push-button). As a ‘workaround’, I verified that the 0-key at the top of my keyboard is still operational. I also checked how the 0-key on the numpad operates in other applications, and the key behaves as expected in all other applications (e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, etc…). So, it’s definitively not a hardware issue. Is this a known bug?
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I’m not seeing that in Chrome. What browser are you using?


Hi, thanks for the very quick reaction. By the way, I’m using MS Edge as browser.

But, I believe that I’ve found the culprit.

Yesterday, I modified some shortcuts in order to match them better with shortcuts that I’m familiar with in some of my other graphical editing applications. One of the shortcut changes that I applied was for zooming the current view to a full window representation (‘Zoom Extents’ in Sketchup terminology). In many graphical applications, the ‘shortcut standard’ for this action is ‘CTRL-0’. When making the change, I noticed that Sketchup didn’t allow the use of the CTRL-key in custom shortcuts. I therefore replaced it by the ‘SHIFT’-key, in combination with the 0-key (SHIFT is just above CTRL key…).

I’ve been hitting this combination many times since then, and it operated as I expected. However, I just checked this shortcut assignment, and I noticed that the ‘SHIFT-0’ customisation is actually registered as ‘Num0’ in the shortcut list.

So, while I believed that it was necessary to hit the ‘SHIFT’ key (combined with the numeric 0 key) in order to zoom, it was actually only the numeric 0 key that triggered the zoom action. The SHIFT-key apparently didn’t contribute anything for this action.

So: case closed. But I still have to invent a new shortcut for the ‘Zoom Extent’ button that doesn’t conflict too much with my muscle memory from using graphical editors… :grinning:

The old Adobe versions that I use use the top row zero instead of the numpad one. Go figure.

I don’t use the Adobe versions (old, neither new). But, that’s another story :grinning:.
But, I assume and agree that they actually set the standard for this shortcut assignment

It’s up to you, obviously, but I’ve always liked the default keyboard shortcut for Zoom Extents. It’s on the lower left of the keyboard and close to the modifier keys. It also only takes one finger instead of two.

Apparently, I can’t see anymore what is the default assignment, because I previously changed it.

By the way, I have just configured the TAB key as shortcut for the Zoom Extents action. I only hope that this doesn’t trigger any other conflicts in the future…
In my other graphical applications, this key is assigned to show/hide the panels, but this doesn’t apply to Sketchup.

It’s Z.

isn’t it shift Z or ctrl shift E?

You’re right. My mistake. I changed it to just Z. I have no need for a shortcut for the Zoom tool since I use the scroll wheel for Zoom.

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